About us

Shekar Afshan Company

Sisam was established in 2015 in Alborz province by Parsi Sam-Septa company with the aim of producing and distributing all kinds of pure vegetable oils. Using the latest technologies, this brand offers all kinds of sesame and olive oils with natural and non-tarry quality in various packages.

With the aim of providing the highest quality and healthiest products, while receiving certificates and standards in the field of health, Sisam has created the most complete oil feed supplier from farm to table, and none of the company’s products use palm oil.

The performance of the year of successful activity in the field of production of edible oils has brought valuable honors. Sisam has been selected for its consistency in quality and innovation in products, maintains a stable relationship with its customers and has always strives to meet their needs.

Also, Sisam can shine in the domestic arena and become a trusted brand. As a result, it is a popular brand among families who care about the quality and health of their food.

Our specialty

Our expertise is in producing the best sesame and olive oils as well as edible oils for special customers who care about the health of their table.